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At least 25% percent of any surplus made by the PTSA is distributed to a charity, chosen by the student council each year, with the remainder going to projects within the school community. Those projects do not include things that should be covered by NAE/BISH, and should benefit, or be spread over, the whole student/school body. Furthermore, as the school is a for-profit organisation, funding cannot be spent on capital expenditure or anything that may be deemed as enhancing the profitability of the school. 


A number of funding rounds take place each year, the number being dependent on the funds available. Calls for funding applications are issued at the start of each funding round and are accepted during a pre-defined period. Any parent or teacher may submit an application, applications from students should -if possible- be submitted through the Students Council. Only those applications meeting the above criteria shall be put to a vote by PTSA members.


Applications may be submitted at any time and, if deemed urgent and important by the PTSA committee, shall be put forward to a vote by the PTSA membership. Otherwise, they shall be included in the next round when it opens.


Funds shall be awarded to the most popular application first and then the second most popular application and so on until all available funds have been consumed. However, the distribution of funds will also take account of who benefits from the funds to ensure that they are distributed as equally as possible across the whole student body. For example, it can be envisioned that it may be necessary to split the funds in half and award them equally to the most popular secondary votes and the most popular primary votes although some of those votes may not have been the most popular overall.


If you wish to apply for funding, please click the button below.



Do you have an idea for a project within the school. Why not apply for PTSA funding and see if you can make it happen.

Do you have an idea for a project within the school. Why not apply for PTSA funding and see if you can make it happen.

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