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The principal aims of the BISH PTSA are to bring together the whole BISH school community by organizing and hosting various "FunRaising" events throughout the academic year and to provide support to new families arriving at the school to ensure they feel welcome beyond the classroom.



The PTSA works in collaboration with the School Leadership Team (SLT) and the Head of School to agree dates for planned events at the start of each academic year so they are on the school calendar and can be planned well ahead of time.


Although it may not always be possible, the PTSA shall aim to organise and/or host at least the following events during the academic year: 


  • One or two whole-school events held at school on a Saturday. Typically these follow a 'Fair' format, including activities, games, food and drink, outside vendors and musical entertainment by students.
  • Between one and three adult events, held in the evening. For example, a curry and quiz night, Texas style line dancing.
  • An International Fayre, Easter carnival or May-day fayre in the Spring.
  • Refreshment facilities at performing arts, visual arts and sporting events throughout the academic year.
  • One or two courses/lectures for parents.
  • Welcome back coffee mornings, typically at the start of each new term.
  • Neighbourhood coffee mornings at least once a term.

The welcome back coffee mornings, although for all families, will focus primarily on new families to the BISH and welcoming new parents to the school on an informal basis. Ideally, all parent Neighbourhood representatives shall be present. The event should aim to make new parents feel not only welcome but helped. These events shall in no way include curriculum details or anything that falls within the remit of the BISH SLT.



AGMs shall be held where Committee Members are elected by PTSA members for a term not exceeding two years. If a Committee Member position becomes vacant a replacement may be agreed at a normal PTSA meeting, on an interim basis, until the next AGM.


Nominations and elections shall be held for all Committee Member positions at least every two years.


The PTSA shall aim to meet on a regular basis at least once a half term. However, the frequency of meetings may increase prior to an event. The meetings shall be open to all PTSA members and, as far as possible, all elected officers should be present. The PTSA shall liaise with the school regarding times and venues for these meetings. It is understood that teacher representatives may not always be able to attend these meetings. However, whenever possible at least two staff members should be present at each meeting to represent the staff and to relay any pertinent information back to the rest of the staff during their staff meetings.


Smaller PTSA ‘FUNRAISING groups’ shall be created as required that will have specific responsibilities for each event. They will meet independently of the regular PTSA meetings and report back with updates and requests for information and assistance.


The PTSA shall liaise with and work alongside the Neighbourhood Representatives when planning events in an aim to keep all lines of communication open.



The PTSA shall aim maintain an online presence that is accessible to all members of the school community and also to newcomers prior to entering the school. All information regarding the PTSA, including dates of future meetings and minutes / agenda’s of past meetings, shall be available online.


The PTSA shall aim to maintain a welcome guide to include local information useful to expat. families such as doctor’s, dentist’s and  local playgroup’s. This guide shall be available on the PTSA website so that it can be accessed by families prior to their arrival in Houston.



Other initiatives, for example greeting cards designed by the students, calendars and an International BISH Recipe book, can be suggested by any PTSA member at PTSA meetings and instigated if agreed by a majority of those present at the meeting.



Although not the principal aim of events, they may be used to raise funds for the PTSA. All funds shall be held in a PTSA bank account and any surplus shall be distributed, on an annual basis, to one charity and projects within the school. The projects shall not include things that should be covered by Nord Anglia Education but rather extracurricular activities/items that will benefit, or be spread over, the whole community body. The charity to receive funds shall be agreed on an annual basis by the school Students Council.

Do you have an idea for a project within the school. Why not apply for PTSA funding and see if you can make it happen.

Do you have an idea for a project within the school. Why not apply for PTSA funding and see if you can make it happen.

The BISH PTSA is the diverse community of parents, staff and students at the British International School of Houston, a Nord Anglia School.

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